Naomi Wolf’s Vagina, and why it isn’t worth buying her book.

For three months I anticipated the release of a book which had been praised by various literary critics, and appeared to be a revolutionary exploration of the positioning of female sexuality within societies all over the world, throughout history and today.

I was wrongly informed. I am only half way through this book and I’ve resorted to flicking to any page which references a date, a foreign country, or a hormone – the last of which unfortunately appears in every third sentence.

Wolf supposedly highlights the ‘secrets’ of the vagina: they’re all different, have a bit of a complex anatomy and are connected to female emotions. She supports these facts with endless case studies involving rats and rape victims, this is entirely unnecessary though as my boyfriend (who is not a doctor, or Casanova unfortunately) assured me he was well aware of these facts – weren’t we all taught these things in Year 8 Sex Education?

One point which had me throw down my copy in complete anguish was that basically ‘if men buy women flowers, women have better orgasms,’ paraphrased slightly maybe, but Wolf goes on to give a completely convoluted explanation of the reasons for this – hormones, safety, love etc – when really the point is completely obvious: being treated well results in gratitude, affection, sex. Simple.

So in conclusion, I have just spent ¬£12.99 on a completely oversimplified¬†explanation of female neuroscience, a detailed account of Naomi Wolf’s own orgasmic potential (thanks for that) and a few interesting sections on the masturbation of rats via a toothbrush – all written by a woman who calls herself a feminist but rarely references feminist theory, instead favouring the occasional sweeping statement against the entire male sex.

It assumes we as a society are completely unaware of female sexuality – catering to men’s only – and basically illiterate in understanding basic human biology: something I’m pretty sure most of us have been educated in for at least 12 years of our lives.

Oh well, at least now when dopamine- releasing exercise makes me feel good, or I fancy a post-coital chat I can be happy in the knowledge that my actions and emotions are correct, reinforced by 43 case studies and the outstanding insight of Naomi Wolf.

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