Women With Bite

For an alternative Halloween event, tonight St Bart’s Pathology Museum hosts a series of lectures on Vampires: Women With Bite

Sip on a specially concocted goblet of blood as you learn about how these figures have come to dominate Western society as glamorous, dangerous and erotic, and why their mythology has taken such a hold.

The lectures will take us back to the ancient vampires of folklore and legend, from the far East into the Western world. The beautiful vampiress of old will be explored: a siren as threatening as the fanged beasts she stands alongside.

While dark romance seems to be the dominant trend for the contemporary vampire, there is another trend within vampire cinema that has been quite pervasive in recent years: the re-imagining of the vampire through the language of science.

A second presentation will examine the relationship that has existed between Vampire mythology and science from 18th Century Folklore  to contemporary cinema. Recent films have completely reinvented the vampire genre through the imagery and language of science: addressing anxieties about developments with science, healthcare and our bodies themselves.

So if you’re looking to learn, be charitable and suck some blood (almost) for real tonight then get down to St Bartholomew’s Pathology Museum, 3rd Floor Robin Brook Centre, West Smithfield and support the endangered museum and its annual Blood Month!

Have a read of this if you need anything more to entice you… and

Women with Bite

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