Florian Schmid: fast food flab and reinforced furniture.

Stitching Concrete is Schmid’s new design venture: canvas drenched in water and dusted with concrete particles, sewn into a curvaceous stool or bench and left to set. The resulting pieces appear impossible, sturdy and solid yet somehow delicate.

Having made these reinforced chairs, it seems fitting that Schmid has moved on to look at the foods whose regular consumers might need a concrete bench: Maccy D’s of course! Once in a while, on a hangover, why not? But every day and you might end up with a booty like these chip packets or a gut like this Coke cup. It’s responsible art work, exposing the truths of what’s inside the packet – rather than the slim, shiny, green image which fast food joints imitate.

This set of works is the first of Schmid’s Still Life series which looks at the contemporary still lives we see every day, which are sadly not the shining scarlet apples and deep green wine bottles of old; a perhaps  pessimistic but truthful summary of our current culture. This project is just beginning so watch this space for the rest of Schmid’s opinions on the rest of the assemblages which decorate our daily lives.




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