House of Hackney: Antiques on acid.

Hopefully, I will be moving quite soon – living at home is jammy, and necessary after uni, but it is time to fly the nest once again!

Seeing as no one is paying me to write as of yet, I’m still going to be at home dreaming of my new place for a couple of months, and consequently I’ve become obsessed with interiors.

This gorgeous lot is all from husband & wife partnership: House of Hackney, who ‘take the beige out of interiors’ with their energetic prints and vibrant palette. They’re sort of like a children’s wildlife encyclopaedia meets Victoriana, traditional prints meet Rococo antiques – a sort of  tacky opulence? But beautiful.

I’m a particular fan of the chaise longue, an item I have always and will always want in my home; and this conversation chair – designed for courting couples and their chaperone in the Victorian era, or for me, my boyfriend and a precariously placed bottle of wine.


This midnight Hackney Empire print features a carnival of animals: otters fanning themselves, accordion-playing bush babies, badgers sipping Pina Coladas – the Rainforest Cafe if it were a nightclub, basically.

Whilst the living room is a place for outrageous colours and bold prints, these powder blue pieces would furnish a bedroom nicely. I have a little bit of a thing for birds – again always have, always will – so it’s a Flights of Fancy lamp beside and an embroidered sating Queen Bee pillow on the bed for me!

Oh, and a china Hackney Empire tea set for my breakfast in bed please.

House of Hackney: extravagant, feisty and in your face – yet still, terribly English.

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