Unexpected Pleasures


Contemporary jewellery exhibition, Unexpected Pleasures, appears to be one of the first of its kind: exploring  jewellery through its various roots – design, architecture, art and fashion – but heavily focusing on what jewellery is to the wearer and to contemporary creative practise.

A vast collection of works and full of surprises, see full review here please :




“an exhibition which challenges and redefines the common conception of what jewellery is, revealing the making process, ideas behind and intentions for contemporary body adornment”


“Sigurd Bronger is a “jewellery engineer” whose Carrying Device For Goose Eggs is the quirkiest piece in the show”


“One such piece is Attai Chen’s golden-grained and hand-carved Bulldozer brooch – cut from an olive tree which had grown in a Palestinian village destroyed by Israelis. There is also Benjamin Lingnel’s shocking badge Thank God I am White and Shari Pierce’s silk, printed with photos of sex offenders living within five miles of her studio. These are not statements you expect to see from a jewellery exhibition – but why not?”


“(This exhibition) may be too much to take in at once, which is evidence for the huge depth and diversity to be found within these pieces of jewellery: items far removed from the mass-produced tat that we are accustomed to adorning ourselves with.”


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