Happy New Year!

Hackney Wicked 2011
Cheerful memos dotted about Hackney Wicked Festival

Hello everybody,

My blog feels a little chilly, a little naked maybe, so I thought I’d drop by.

The three-week nap (or hangover) that is the Christmas season is almost over, and instead of dreading getting back to business I’m excited.

Last year began well with the lovely First and a travel scholarship from Uni, but ended a little disappointingly with part-time unemployment and myself still living at home – however with a lovely man in tow and a great circle of friends I can’t complain too much!

January feels like a time for putting life through the wash, sorting the odd socks from the pairs and deciding which clothes should be chucked and which outfits should be worn again or altered (I’m talking about ideas, plans, not friends by the way!)

I’ve decided that pursuing office jobs is the wardrobe equivalent of me seeking out a straitjacket – I hate desks and I can’t sit still for more than three hours at a time – so I’m going to stop. Frieze recognised this when they didn’t give me the Office Assistant job; an interviewee who throws her arms about with enthusiasm about “The Art World!” is probably not best suited to a quiet admin role. Thank you Frieze – it hurt, but thanks!

So, for me it’s got to be the tough practice of freelancing – both writing and making things – so I’m applying not only for more arts mags, but for Scenic Art Post-Grads too.

I don’t know why I’m putting this out there. Sometimes you need to declare things to make yourself do them – or, personally, to force far away the threat of post-uni apathy.

2012 may have been more about closing doors than opening new ones, but this year I’m going to throw open every and any unlocked door – so long as it leads to anything but a row of cubicles and the click of keyboards! 2013 will be new, proactive and good. And different. And scary. But the best kind of scary I hope.

Anyway, before embarking on this next journey, I’m pottering off to a cottage near a castle with no internet and no nasty modern appliances with a person I like a lot.

Being glass-half-full rather than glass-half-empty is blooming satisfying sometimes.

Vintage Newspaper Clip
You can always trust 1930s adverts to uplift! A great under-the-staircase find.


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