Quiet Time.


I’m not sure if it’s right to post about this sort of thing, but  what I am sure of is that it feels wrong to leave it out.

Two weeks ago now, we lost a beautiful friend. She was bright, talented, hilarious and most memorably had the most incredible enduring smile. I’ll always remember her as a gleaming yellow ray of sunshine, smiling and laughing through life – even in the most difficult of times.

Jenny, a young, healthy, vibrant person, was diagnosed with bowel cancer at 21 and fought it right until the end.

She never let her illness stop her achieving her goals: finishing her degree, graduating and passing her driving test whilst having chemo – and still every time we saw her she held that great big grin on her face, every sentence followed by a giggle as always.

Her positivity and strength are an absolute inspiration which I will take through life with me.


There’s not much else I can say, but all I know is that I feel privileged to have known someone so brave, determined and optimistic.

We miss her terribly, and I for one am shocked by how cruel life can be; but sadness was not Jenny’s way, and I think she might be frowning down at that last sentence.

Instead, the reason I’ve written this post is to spread Jenny’s message of positivity and bravery: Live life to its limits! Enjoy what you have! Do what you love! And most importantly, love those around you and be loved right back.


To even further this message and in memory of our wonderful little fighter, we have set up a JustGiving page, with which we have decided to not only support Cancer Research, but also the amazing work of Macmillan nurses who are so important to those living with cancer.


Feel free to have a look, and if you’d like to you can also help us to support research towards new treatments and the hard work of Macmillan nurses.

We  will always miss our JenPen, but we’re going to make her proud.


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