Spring has sprung!



It is absolutely no secret that I am, and forever will be, firmly a summer person; frolicking in the countryside, exploring in the sunshine and lazy long evenings…what’s not to love? Yes, there is a certain charm in being tucked up by a log fire but I’d rather do that for five days between Christmas and New Year rather than for five entire months every year.

But look, spring is here! If only for a week, it has arrived!

I’m half taking half term off as last week I think I nearly flattened myself with the workload, so spent this past Sunday at Nymans house and gardens in West Sussex.

Usually I just pootle around these places whilst chatting away and trying to surreptitiously pick pretty flowers from trees (sorry National Trust), but on Sunday found myself running around like a mad person – “look, DAFFODILS!” “SNOWDROPS!” “Oh my God, Crocuses – my FAVOURITE!” “Look at the skyyyyyy!” However, I was only armed with my ancient iPhone so as per usual, I apologise for the blurry photos.


I felt like a cross between a five-year-old and an elderly lady, having later firmly decided that a Wildlife Centre – aka bird/bug/bee house – was a necessity in life.

Turns out that a day spent impersonating both young and old dependants is a happy day.

Spring has sprung, and I have never been so ready for a winter to be over.



A bit of Tourist Info, Nymans was built in the late nineteenth century by the German Messel family out of pieces of architectural salvage, intended to look like a sort of faux Medieval manor house, it was then transformed into a Gothic mansion in the 1920s. During the Second World War a huge reduction in staff led to an enormous fire, so now it’s only the very oldest pieces, the salvaged hand-carved bricks, which remain.

ImageDovecot, could also be used as my study…



To top it all off, you can get married in this little archway. I’ve never been one to have a ‘wedding file’, friends do, but I’ve always thought it was a bit of a temptation for fate. However, I don’t want to forget this place so might have to note just this one down. I’m thinking ceremony in the Italiene Loggia (above), champagne picnic on the lawn followed by eerie photos in front of the ruins after dark and dancing away in the ancient woods, lit by candles and fairy-lights in the trees of course.

Ah, that’s why women shouldn’t keep wedding files.


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