Very Inspiring Blog Award


Hello again everyone!

I just got nominated by feminist painter Callie Garp for the Very Inspiring Blog Award, which is lovely as I’d always considered myself critical, disgruntled and excessively conscientious but not necessarily inspiring! 

There’s nothing like a little recognition to put a spring in your step; I write because I love it, well actually I just love seeing amazing things and spreading the word! Especially when those things are made by those who receive little recognition and truly deserve it: all those hard working creatives struggling in the current climate.

But we push on, and push on we must! As, even if in five years’ time I’m not the editor of a cultural publication, I want to know that I tried my goddamn hardest to get where I wanted to be at that specific time.

Also, it’s nice to be busy isn’t it?

I’m a strong believer in making your own future, and unless you’re a royal or betrothed, nothing in life is set out for you in stone. I’m happily throwing pebbles in front of me to make my own path, and I’ve no idea where it’ll take me in the end; at the moment I’m finding lots of dead-ends, but a few surprising and exciting twists and turns too.

So on that note, The Very Inspiring Blog Award and it’s rules:

1. Display the award logo on your blog.

2. Link back to the person who nominated you.

3. State seven things about yourself.

4. Nominate fifteen other bloggers for this award and link to them.

5. Notify those bloggers of the nomination and the award’s requirements.

Right, first off: Seven things about me. Rather a lot and I’m slightly intimidated as I want to make absolutely sure that they aren’t things you’d already know if you wander into this small corner of the internet on a regular basis…

Number 1: I really like birds.

This is sort of for Scarlet Cummins, a photographer and blogger friend of mine who bought me a book of birds which went on to feature in my degree show. I know it’s not cool, I know it’s a bit weird but I spent most of my childhood with my Dad taking us off on trips to National Trust houses each weekend (weekend Dads feel an excessive need to create bonding activities) and, as a result, I can tell you the difference between a Moorhen and a Coot, what a Ruddy duck is, and far too much about migration.

My New Zealand auntie also had an impressive menagerie of flying creatures, and ducks pootle about on Kiwi beaches, so overall the family members all contributed well to the odd affection I have for our feathered friends.

They watch things from above, the small ones move like robots and they sing beautifully – especially the kiwi ones, check out a Bellbird and maybe after hearing that beast you won’t think me so odd.artthing 002

No 2. I’m a bit of a secret painter and I love it.

I’m currently working on a bit of a sombre self-portrait in my conservatory; unfortunately this positioning means I can only paint until 3pm in the winter and it’s mighty cold, but I’m lucky to have a space I can work in and it relaxes me almost as much as baking.

No 3. I’m scared of flying – yet I’ve been all over Europe, to the US, Asia and New Zealand about 6 times. I just spend 26 hours of flying sweating profusely and crying, sorry that’s an exaggeration, I only start doing that when we go over the Southern Alps and there’s turbulence. Every time.


No 4. I am obsessed with lingerie.

I’d actually consider working full time in an underwear shop just for the freebies, and I do not enjoy working in retail.

No 5. I have so much hair on my head that when I was little we only combed my ‘under-layers’ once every other week.


No 6. When I’m not writing I teach art to very small children in their lovely Kensington houses.

It’s jammy, but far more difficult than I’d initially expected.

No 7. I have the most incredible group of friends. Whilst we were all at uni, one clever lady set up a group message for the 20 of us girls on Facebook (now entitled The Thread) and it’s now been going for over four years. We may live in London, Surrey, Oxford, Plymouth, Bath, even China at times but pretty much always know how we all are, what we’re up to, and everyone’s opinions on issues from hair removal to deciding on which job to take!

It was also absolutely vital for keeping in touch with our lovely Jen, who we lost lately and who knew she could shout out to The Thread when too sick to come out or speak to us all individually.

Without all these beautiful ladies in my life, I wouldn’t be anywhere near as good or happy a person as I am. That I am certain of.


Now, onto my nominees:

Catching The Doodlebug
Shiny Thoughts
Illustration Rally
I Need a Guide
No Culture Icons
Domestic Sluttery
Hop On The Spiral Bitch
Jasmine Hortop
La Tartine Gourmande
Katie Cakes
Junk Culture
The Little Loaf
We Heart
The Black Ribbon Blog
Designer Dan’s Curiosity Blog

Having to compile that list reminded me how much I float around the internet never remembering what I’ve read, who wrote it or where it was – which I think is terrible! Must remember writers and give them the credit they deserve.

So thank you Callie Garp, and I hope I bring a few people the little lift she did me.


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