Art13 Art Fair: A bite-size Frieze bursting with talent.


Happy Mothering Sunday everybody, hope you’re all surviving the home front.

Last weekend I was lucky enough to secure a press pass for Olympia’s answer to Frieze, Art13.

The fair was much more manageable, varied and less commercial or hectic than Frieze – a breeze to wander through and absorb talents both new and old.


Most memorable were works from Ged Quinn, William Kentridge, Polly Morgan and the entirety of London’s Lazarides stand which included pieces by Doug Foster and Conor Harrington.

A short, sharp, sweet experience compared to the lengthy glutton of Frieze; I eagerly await next year’s show.

See the full review here:


ImageBreather, Doug Foster

8521323316_673ba08c1c_z Art13 - The Final Leg

Conor Harrington & the full Lazarides stand-cum-squat




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