Getting Chilly After Hours


The extra-curricular work of 29 artists make up Jerwood’s current After Hours exhibition. Some solve designer-specific problems, some examine contemporary life, some are simply frivolous playthings; but all are examples of stunningly executed design.

I chatted about exhibition’s various props and wall hangings for One Stop Arts, and somehow forgot my favourite piece…maybe I was  just subconsciously saving it for this little corner of tinternet…?

Baltic Breeze is over eight minutes of film almost produced by Tom Jarrett using just an iPhone: sound edited; music composed, cut and added; titles overlaid; then film chopped and reorganised using iMovie. The definition is crisp, the sound clear as anything and the whole film achieves a contemplative, melancholic tone through careful editing and musical additions. With this level of technology now available in the palm of your hand, with a little practice and skill (and maybe a hint of talent too) we could all become filmmakers.


Baltic Breeze // an iPhone 5 film from Tom Jarrett on Vimeo.



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