Chicago Architecture Biennial: Recycled house in Tlayacapan, Mexico

Excerpt from a recent commission from Aesthetica Magazine:

Exhibiting in this year’s Chicago Architecture Biennial are Mexican office, Productora, whose ‘Recycled house in Tlayacapan’ uses polyester structures recovered from modular house prototypes, which were developed by Mexican visionary architect Juan José Diaz Infante in the late sixties. Each of these houses was made of six shells that could be assembled in different configurations, made of a polystyrene foam coated on both sides with fibreglass to protect it from the elements – much like a surfboard. The owner of the new home once spent family weekends in these pod-like prototypes as a child, and had inherited the materials.


Productora were given the challenge of restoring the original shells, which had been stacked up outside and left to crack, and reforming them into a series of airy, petal-shaped domes, which are organised to look like a white flower from the air. Made almost completely from recycled materials, the house is a light, bright, structure within the rusty red Mexican landscape.


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