Frieze Masters: Highlights

Working for Aesthetica Magazine at Frieze Masters, I had a little time to wander around.


  • Keiichi Tanaami, Nanzuka Gallerymain
  • Boris Mikhailov, Sprovieri Londonunnamed-12
  • David Medalla presented by Baro, Sao Paolo in Spotlightdownload (2) download (1) download
  • Schiele and Klimt drawings at Wienerroither & Kohlbachervscocam-photo-1-copy-2
  • Frank Auerbach solo, Paceauerbach
  • Miquel Barceló solo at Ben Brown_mg_0733 _d3s3153
  • Mannequin, Kunstkammer,1750, Georg Laue, Munchen (I’ll never find an image!)Laue332015T192852
  • Tunga, 1984 ‘Siamese Hair Twins’ Galleria Franco Noero (and in the flesh)new-frieze-art hair
  • Kazuo Shiraga, Axel Vervoordt23_clipboard01
  • Helly Nahmad London, mocked-up versions of spaces in sanatoriums and asylums that Dubuffet visited while in search of inspiration in 1945 and which furthered his interest in Hans Prinzhorn’s 1922 book Artistry of the Mentally Illresize

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