Venice Biennale 2015: Isola San Giorgio Maggiore & the Satellites

The Japanese artist Hiroshi Sugimoto made ​​his first architectural work for the 16365916264_5e818941f1 Venice Biennale on the island of San Giorgio Maggiore: “Glass Tea House Mondrian” was a temporary pavilion inspired by the tradition of the Japanese tea ceremony, as it was reformed by the master Sen no Rikyu.

The tools used for the Glass-tea-house-CG_final-680x300tea ceremony are designed by Hiroshi Sugimoto and produced by craftsmen of Kyoto, and the flexible structure of the pavilion and its temporary nature transformed the space into one capable of hosting meetings and discussions.

“Glass Tea House Mondrian” builds a strong dialogue between the inside and outdoor, nat
ure and artifice, closed and open, light and heavy, water and land, a relationship which results in the use of wood from Japan – to the external path -, mosaic – for hot water – and glass – to the place dedicated to the experience of the Japanese tradition.



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