I want to live in a Hobbit House…

I don’t usually watch Grand Designs…well not that often…when I last caught it a couple of weeks ago I fell in love with this Hexagon House in Cambridgeshire. The guy who built it, Kelly Neville, is a little bonkers but in a good, ambitious way and a genius craftsman. The whole thing is made of wood, clay and insulated with straw and is designed to be entirely self sufficient as well as stunning. I think it appeals to my inner-eco-warrior, and possibly -child as it sort of reminds me of the teletubbies’ house. Yay!

Above is a sunset evening during the five year build….

…the hexagonal staircase, banisters crafted from a wood that is apparently ‘impossible’ to work with…

….the internal stairs are wrapped around a six hundred year old tree trunk, which is also…

…a wine cabinet! Hurrah!

Last but certainly not least, my favourite bit, the hand made glass bath!

I want to live a Hexagonal House with a garden growing thirty different kinds of fruit and veg, and paint the Cambridgeshire countryside from the veranda by the pond…or possibly just sit there and sip wine from my six hundred year old cabinet while the sun goes down… Please?

Loving this snippet of early summer 🙂


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